Wall Sandwich Panel

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what is wall sandwich panel

Sandwich wall panel is a type of building covering in which two metal sheets are stuck together in the form of a sandwich and in between there is a layer of thermal and sound insulation made of polyurethane foam, polystyrene, XPS and rock wool. These types of panels are used to make walls and building covers and are very popular due to their properties of thermal insulation, sound insulation, light weight and high physical resistance. Among the advantages of using wall sandwich panels, we can mention the reduction of construction costs, increase of execution speed, reduction of the overall weight of the structure, reduction of labor and energy consumption.

Considering the features that we have mentioned so far about the wall sandwich panel, the wall sandwich panel is considered a very ideal option for builders and employers.

Application of wall sandwich panel

The main application of wall sandwich panel is construction in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Due to the characteristics of compatibility with different climates and weather conditions, insulation, fire resistance, lightness and long durability, sandwich wall panels are used as an effective and economical solution for covering external and internal walls in buildings.

In addition, wall sandwich panels are used in various industries such as automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, oil and gas, electrical and electronic industries.

Types of wall sandwich panels

Wall sandwich panel can be divided based on different factors; Accordingly, in order to familiarize you more with the details of the wall sandwich panel, we categorized this type of panel.

Types of wall sandwich panels according to the type of sheet

In general, 3 types of sheets are used in both wall sandwich panels and roof sandwich panel available in the Iranian market, and the naming of these panels based on the type of sheet is as follows:

  • Aluminum wall sandwich panel
  • Galvanized wall sandwich panel
  • Aluzinc wall sandwich panel

Types of wall sandwich panels according to the type of foam

The middle core of the wall sandwich panel is also composed of various types and materials:

Types of wall sandwich panels according to the type of connection

The connection, sealing and sealing of the panels is very important, that’s why the edge of the sandwich wall panel is designed in two ways:

  • Male and female wall sandwich panel
  • Hidden screw wall sandwich panel

In the male and female wall sandwich panel, the edge of the panels is designed in the form of a tongue and a tongue, so that each sandwich panel sheet is fastened to the side sheet, and then the connection screw is screwed on it. But in the hidden screw wall sandwich panel, the connection screw is hidden under the edge of the upper panel, which in addition to creating a beautiful appearance, also causes the panels to be sealed and sealed as well as possible.
Types of wall sandwich panels in terms of appearance

The top sheet of sandwich wall panels is produced in different designs:

  • Simple wall sandwich panel
  • Grooved wall sandwich panel

Advantages of sandwich wall panels

Sandwich wall panel is one of the modern building materials used to cover walls and doors in buildings. The advantages of using wall sandwich panels are:

  • High thermal insulation performance: sandwich wall panel has very good thermal insulation performance. Due to the thermal insulation layer inside the panel, it effectively keeps the heat or cold produced inside the building.
  • High sound insulation performance: The sandwich wall panel has a good sound insulation performance that helps to reduce the penetration of sound inside the building.
  • Light weight and portable: The sandwich wall panel is very light and portable. This feature makes it very easy to install and carry.
  • Simple and beautiful design: The wall sandwich panel has a simple and beautiful design that is used in various facilities, such as residential and commercial buildings.
  • High fire resistance: Some types of wall sandwich panel foams, such as rock wool foam, have high fire resistance.
  • Long life: sandwich wall panel has a long life and high quality. This feature reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Installation of wall sandwich panels

Wall sandwich panel installation must be done accurately and professionally due to its impact on the efficiency and longevity of the structure. In the following, we describe the installation steps of wall sandwich panels:

First, you need to determine the installation location of the wall panels and prepare the building materials. At this stage, you should make sure that all surfaces are smooth and without any scratches.

After preparing the installation site, you need to create the base structure and a substructure for the sandwich wall panel. This work includes the installation of foundation columns, various types of profiles, the stabilization of concrete blocks, or the installation of steel beams.

In the next step, we connect the wall panels to the base structure. Of course, it should be noted that the wall and roof sandwich panel are designed and produced based on the required size of the structure, and the panels should be cut only to create a door or window. After this step, the panels should be attached using special screws.

It is recommended to visit a specialized and professional company to install wall sandwich panels.

Wall sandwich panel price

The price of wall sandwich panels depends on various factors, including the following:

  • Panel thickness: Higher thickness sandwich wall panels cost more.
  • Type of foam: The type of foam used in the panel also affects its price.
  • Meterage: As the meterage used increases, the total cost also increases.
  • Type of coating: wall sandwich panel can be produced with different coatings such as aluzinc, galvanized or aluminum sheet, and each coating has a different price.
  • Quality and brand: Different brands produce sandwich wall panels, whose prices vary based on quality and brand.
  • Shipping cost: The shipping cost of wall sandwich panel is also added to its price.
  • Dollar price fluctuations: also have a direct effect on the price of wall sandwich panels.

In general, the price of wall sandwich panels depends on the above factors, but you can contact Asiapanel experts to know the daily price of sandwich panels.

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