Gutter Sheet

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What is gutter sheet?

Gutter sheet is one of the types of sandwich panel accessories, which is used to direct the water from rain and snow to the ground. Of course, the use of gutter sheet is not mandatory for panel structures, but it can be used in prefabricated villa structures in the northern regions and The south of the country, where the amount of rainfall is high, is recommended.

The gutter sheet is installed at the end of the roof sandwich panel. There are various types of gutter sheets that are suitable for building conditions and the type of use of the structure. These types of sheets are produced in different sizes and thicknesses, which are often made of galvanized sheets or oil sheets, and which type of gutter sheet should be used in the structure is determined by engineers. In fact, accessories such as flushing sheet or gutter are a complement to sandwich panel structures.

But the feature and advantage of the gutter sheet is not limited to directing the rainwater to the ground, and by installing the gutter sheet, you reduce the amount of noise caused by rain. It also allows you to embed multiple outputs. In addition, creating a beautiful appearance for structures is considered an important and significant part for employers.

Types of gutter sheets

circular shape gutter sheet 

it can be said that gutter sheets are used only on sloping roofs. Gutter sheets are used in different forms to transfer water collected from rainfall. One of these types of gutter sheets is London in Persian. Round gutter sheets, whose cut is a part of a circle or an oval, are called London gutter sheets, the warranty of these gutter sheets varies from 0.4 to 2 mm and in two types of polymer (plastic, PVC, UPVC) and metal (galvanized, tin, iron, cast iron) are produced and used. This type of gutter sheet is more common in small buildings and the method of connecting them is by glue and wick.

Square gutter sheet (rectangle gutter)

The most suitable type of gutter sheet for industrial purposes or large roofs is the rectangle gutter sheet. Because you can create large sections with it and also edit it with special angles. The rectangle gutter sheet (gutter) is usually prepared with a thickness of 1.5 mm or more so that arc welding can be used to create a proper connection in them. One of the advantages of this type of gutter sheet is to use it in a fixed level and without slope, because there are very few concerns about leakage from the joints created in it. Polymer and plastic types of this category of gutter sheets are not common.

Press joint gutter sheet

This type of gutter sheet is from the London gutter sheet family. They can be used in relatively small roofs and their name is due to the way they are connected. The joint of this type of gutter sheet is overlapped with special devices and pressed with special rollers, which is called as said. The guarantee of these gutter sheets is usually 0.5 to 0.7 mm, and the material used is tin or galvanized sheet. These sheets can be roll together along the length of the gutter sheet with different sections and create a longitudinal gradient in the gutter sheet.

Gutter sheet price

The price of the gutter sheet depends on different factors, that’s why we recommend that you contact the sales experts of Asia Panel to inquire about the price of the gutter sheet and all kinds of sandwich panels.

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