Sandwich Panel Fitter

What Is Fitter?

Have you ever seen a gable roof leak when it rains? If you are professionally engaged in the construction of prefabricated buildings or in the use of sandwich panels, you must know that there is a risk in the connection of screws to the roof sandwich panel.

Either the panels are damaged in that place or the sealing may not be done completely. Another risk is that the sandwich panels that are placed next to each other are not glued together well. The overlaps are not well fit. Fitter is another component that is used for better sealing and sealing of sandwich panels. Fitter is a small piece of metal made of galvanized, aluzinc or aluminum, which is produced in different colors and is installed on the step of the sandwich panels of the ceiling and then it is screwed.

Because the fitter is installed on the steps, its main role is to strengthen the overlapping overlap of the sandwich panels that are placed on top of each other. The fitter makes the ceiling sandwich panels stick better and establishes a secure connection in the ceiling sandwich panels. And the thickness of the fitter is usually between 1 and 2 mm made of galvanized sheet. To increase the efficiency and lifespan of the sandwich panel, you should use a fitter.

Increasing the efficiency and lifespan of sandwich panels with fitter

As we said in the previous articles, different types of flushing sheet and gutters cause better sealing and sealing of the panels, so in order to have a quality structure resistant to water penetration, you must use this equipment when installing sandwich panels. However, if you entrust the installation and implementation of your sandwich panel to a professional and elite team, you will not have to worry about the basic installation and implementation of the structure.

Asia Panel installation team provides the possibility of implementing any type of structure with different types of use for you dear ones. To get more information, you can contact Asia Panel experts to guide you in this regard.

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