Cold Storage Sandwich Panel

قیمت ساندویچ پانل سردخانه
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What is cold storage sandwich panel

In this article from Asia Panel, we are going to provide explanations about cold storage sandwich panels, so if you are planning to build a cold storage and you don’t know where to start, we understand your concern and everything you need to know about cold storage sandwich panels is in this article.

We tell you. Cold storage sandwich panel is a type of sandwich panel that is used to build cold storage and food storage structures. This type of sandwich panel has special features that are compatible with the conditions in the cold room. For example, the sandwich panel of the cold room has features such as high resistance to corrosion and moisture, the ability to wash and keep very clean, high impact resistance, quick and easy installation and implementation, etc.

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Building a cold room with sandwich panels

Cold storage with sandwich panels is a building with a complex structure that is built using sandwich panels to store food or medicine at low temperatures. The type of insulation and its thickness are very important in choosing sandwich panels for cold storage. The sheet used in the sandwich panel of the cold room is often smooth and without grooves to prevent the penetration and growth of microbes in the depressions. In cold stores with high humidity, it is customary to use xps foam because they absorb very little water.

But in large industrial cold stores, it is common to use polyurethane sandwich panel because it has the highest resistance against moisture and fire. Polyurethane foam has a very high density and cohesion.

The walls of the cold room with sandwich panels have high thermal efficiency and good thermal insulation, which can keep the temperature of the cold room at around minus 30 degrees Celsius. In addition to sandwich panels, a cooling system, ventilation system, suitable doors and monitoring and control systems are also needed to create a suitable cold room environment. Cold stores are used in various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, household appliances, etc. to store and maintain the quality of consumables.

Cold room sandwich panel thickness

The thickness of the sandwich panel of the cold room depends on various factors such as the type of raw materials, the type of structure and the desired temperature for the cold room.

Usually, sandwich panels or 7 to 10 cm thick are used for cold stores above zero, and panels with a thickness of 10 to 15 cm are used for cold stores below zero. Generally, in cold stores with lower temperature, sandwich panels with greater thickness are used.

The higher thickness of sandwich panels can reduce heat transfer from inside to outside and vice versa and maintain the optimal temperature inside the cold room.

How to install cold storage sandwich panel

The installation and operation of a cold store is a very specialized and complex task because a mechanical engineer must determine the power of the engine, the location of the cold store, the thickness, the type of foam used, and other factors. Therefore, the installation and operation of the cold store must be done by a team of experts and experienced installers.

The distinctive point about the installation and implementation of sandwich panel cold storage is that these structures are often implemented inside a closed space, so they use wall sandwich panel to cover the wall and ceiling, and there is no need for ceiling sandwich panels. This is done in several steps:

Preparation of the installation site: First, the installation site of the cold storage sandwich panel must be prepared. This includes cleaning the installation surface, preparing the necessary templates (creating the infrastructure using special profiles) and providing access for workers.

Placement of panels: After preparation, sandwich panels should be placed according to a specific plan. It should be carefully checked that the panels where they are going to be installed, according to their dimensions and sizes, have the ability to be moved and installed for the following distances.

Sealing the panels: After installing the panels, the seams between the panels should be sealed using special glue and packaging. This work is done to prevent air, water and dust from entering the cold room.

The price of cold storage sandwich panels

The price of cold storage sandwich panel depends on various factors such as the size and thickness of the panel, the type of materials used in the construction, the manufacturing company and the market conditions.

Therefore, the price of cold storage sandwich panels varies from several hundred thousand tomans to several million tomans. The best way to get an accurate price is to consult with sandwich panel manufacturers and cold storage contractors.

You can contact the experts of Asia Panel to get more information about the installation and implementation of cold storage sandwich panels and the price of cold storage sandwich panels.

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