Clean Room Sandwich Panel

قیمت ساندویچ پانل سردخانه
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What is a clean room?

A clean room is a controlled environment used for manufacturing, processing, packaging and delivery of products that are highly sensitive to any particles and microbes. These rooms are designed to reduce and control the number and size of airborne particles, the surface and the equipment they are placed in. In fact, the level of pollution in the clean room is controlled according to health restrictions.

The clean room should have proper air filtration, temperature, humidity, pressure and voltage control. These rooms are used in various industries such as medicine, food, pharmaceutical, electronic and other industries. Agencies and organizations in different countries monitor and research the production of products or their health and quality. One of these agencies, which affects the way of production in the form of instructions, is GMP. These guidelines improve the way of producing, presenting and selling food products, health, drug production and other products that are related to the health of human beings and helping the environment. Therefore, one of the requirements that affect the construction of clean rooms is GMP. To know about it, you need to research in detail.

What is a clean room’s sandwich panel?

Clean room’s sandwich panel is a type of construction panel that is used to create a space with specific characteristics in some industries and productions. This type of sandwich panel has a middle layer, which is often made of polyurethane, and the sides are covered with metal sheets. It can be galvanized metal or aluzinc and aluminum. They are also produced with a special color and even have plastisol coatings (a polymer coating that is glued on the sheet) which is very resistant in a wet environment. It is widely used to produce mushrooms, cigarettes, etc.

The use of clean room sandwich panels increases antibacterial and antistatic properties. They are suitable for creating production environments that require a lot of control and supervision, such as hospitals, medical laboratories, production of electronic components, etc. The clean room is divided into different classes based on the amount of pollution and the number of allowed pollutant particles, which include classes 1 to 9.

Clean room sandwich panel thickness?

The thickness of clean room sandwich panel may be change in different conditions. The maximum thickness used in clean rooms is 6 cm, but it can vary between 5 and 15 cm. It is better to get help from our experts in designing clean rooms. Before designing, check the thermal, acoustic and mechanical resistance of clean room sandwich panels. Also, check the accessories required for each thickness.

Clean room sandwich panel foam types?

Clean room sandwich panel has different foams. Before buying, you should know which of the intermediate foams of the sandwich panels will meet the needs of your project. Clean room sandwich panel is used for the walls, ceiling and floor of clean rooms. The clean room sandwich panel is made of two high-quality metal layers, which are aluzinc or galvanized or aluminum, and a hard foam layer, which is XPS, EPS or PU, which has different resistance to fire, moisture, sound and heat. have.

In addition, clean room sandwich panel foam has heat, sound and moisture insulation properties that you should consult with the seller before purchasing to make the best choice. Asia Panel experts with a lot of experience can advise you.

Installation of clean room sandwich panels

The cleanroom sandwich panel installation is the same as other types of sandwich panels. However, due to the use of this type of sandwich panel in places that are sensitive, you must pay attention to things such as the absence of air penetration, the absence of insects, and keeping it at a suitable temperature.

One of the equipments needed to install cleanroom sandwich panels is the sandwich panel runner, which is used to frame the sandwich panel and is installed in line with the wall sandwich panel to fix the wall panel.

Of course, it should be noted that wall sandwich panel are used for the walls and ceilings of clean rooms such as cold storage, and the way these panels are installed affects the quality and efficiency of the structure; Therefore, the skill and expertise of the sandwich panel installation team is very important here. To install the clean room sandwich panel, the following steps must be done:

  1. Calculation of the required square footage of the clean room sandwich panel based on the size of the room and the height of the walls.
  2. Installing metal frames in the walls and ceiling vertically and horizontally.
  3. Placing the sandwich panels on the frames and gluing them together using special screws.
  4. Sealing at the junction of two sandwich panels.
  5. Using flashing and performing final operations to prevent air and moisture from entering the clean room.

Due to the sensitivity of the clean room environment, sandwich panels are used in its construction, so for its installation, it is better to refer to a company specializing in this field and use their services. The Asia Panel team is a specialist in the implementation of clean room projects.

Clean room sandwich panel price

The price of cleanroom sandwich panel depends on various variables, including the size and thickness of the panel, the type of foam, the quality of the sheet and the size required by the customer. In general, to get the exact price, you can contact Asia Panel experts and they will give you the necessary advice.

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