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ساندویچ پانل آلوزینک

Aluzinc sandwich panel

Aluzinc sheet, which is used in the top cover of Aluzinc sandwich panel, is one of the best types of sheets in terms of quality. Aluzinc sheet has the highest resistance to moisture and corrosion due to its coating of zinc and aluminum alloy.

ورق فلاشینگ

Flashing Sheet

What is flashing sheet? Flashing is one of the types of metal sheets available in the market for sealing and …

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polyurthane sandwichpanel

Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

What is polyurethane sandwich panel Polyurethane sandwich panel (Polyurethane Panel) is a type of sandwich panel that is made of …

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ورق آبرو (گاتر)

Gutter Sheet

What is gutter sheet? Gutter sheet is one of the types of sandwich panel accessories, which is used to direct …

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فیتر ساندویچ پانل

Sandwich Panel Fitter

What Is Fitter? Have you ever seen a gable roof leak when it rains? If you are professionally engaged in …

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رانر ساندویچ پانل

Sandwich Panel Runner

What is runner? Runner is one of the components that is used for the foundation of dry walls and steel …

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polyurthane sandwichpanel

Clean Room Sandwich Panel

What is a clean room? A clean room is a controlled environment used for manufacturing, processing, packaging and delivery of …

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خرید پانل سردخانه

Cold Storage Sandwich Panel

What is cold storage sandwich panel In this article from Asia Panel, we are going to provide explanations about cold …

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قیمت هر متر مربع ساندویچ پانل سقفی

Roof Sandwich Panel

What is a roof sandwich panel? If you don’t know what a sandwich panel is, we recommend that you first …

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