Aluzinc sandwich panel

ساندویچ پانل پلی اورتان

Previously, we have served you on the Asia Panel site with articles such as cold room sandwich panel, clean room sandwich panel, polyurethane sandwich panel, wall sandwich panel, ceiling sandwich panel. If you have read the previous articles, we said that sandwich panels are divided based on different factors. One of these factors is the type of material used in the sandwich panel, according to which the sandwich panel is divided based on the type of foam used and the type of sheet.

The sheet used in sandwich panels is not out of 3 types and includes aluzinc sheet, galvanized sheet and aluminum sheet. Meanwhile, aluminum sheet is used in a more limited way because aluminum is a very soft and flexible sheet and has a higher price than other sheets. Also, the large rolls of this sheet are opened for use above several thousand meters. Galvanized sheet is one of the most common types of sheets among sandwich panels, which has good resistance to moisture and rust.

Aluzinc sheet, which is discussed in this article, is one of the best and highest quality sheets among sandwich panels. Aluzinc sheet is used to produce aluzinc sandwich panel with different types of foam. Aluzinc sheet is a layer of iron sheet coated with zinc and aluminum alloy, which increases the resistance of the sheet against moisture, corrosive substances, sunlight and decay several times. For this reason, Aluzinc sheet is known as the best type of sheet among the existing sheets and naturally has a higher price than galvanized sheet.

Aluzinc sandwich panel uses

You can combine Aluzinc sheet with any other type of foam according to your usage. For example, in important and sensitive uses such as a clean room or a cold room, where the level of humidity is high and the type of activities that take place in these spaces is very critical, Aluzinc sheet is used together with polyurethane foam.

Of course, Aluzinc sheets can also be used in other uses, such as covering the roof and walls of industrial sheds, poultry sheds, or mushroom breeding halls. In some cases, Aluzinc sheet is used in the prefabricated structures that are built in the humid northern and southern regions of the country. According to the mentioned cases and the characteristics of Aluzinc sheet, Aluzinc sandwich panel is used in many applications. Aluzinc sandwich panel is used to produce wall sandwich panel and roof sandwich panel.

Aluzinc sandwich panel price

Naturally, the price of Aluzinc sandwich panel is not fixed like other types of sandwich panels, and it is not possible to announce the exact price of sandwich panels. This is due to the fluctuation of the dollar price, the importation of some raw materials and the stock of factories. For this reason, if you intend to buy Aluzinc sandwich panel, be sure to contact Asia Panel experts.


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